Hey. watch out! for those fake doctor notes

It happened one day, when I had gone to buy medicines for my sick uncle to a medical store near my house. A young man around 30 years of age presented a note of prescription for few medicines to the medical shop sales man. The sales man read the note and looked at him wide eyes and paused for some time and turned back to get the medicines as given in the note, as he approached the shelf another man approached him, he looked at the note and nodded his head and went away. The sales man then packed the medicines which included 2 syringes and few tablets and handed over to the young man. He paid the requisite amount and went away. I was watching all this. After the young man left i presented my note the sales man, he quickly brought my medicines I paid him and left the place. Leave work early and learn from a make fake doctor’s note article.

Since doctors note for work is so popular these days, it’s not surprising to know that fake copies are scattered everywhere. Some of these notes are offered by some websites as freebies for joining their membership site. However, you will later discover that you will just get into trouble if you use them. You might want to make sure about this before grabbing one for yourself.

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The common banner of a fake note often says: “Download Fake Doctors Notes”. You should always avoid it, but it’s important to read sometimes. Not all banners are created for faking a doctor’s excuse, some are legitimate and have proven their credibility.

This medical shop is visible from my house Balcony. in the evening it was around 5 pm I just stepped into the balcony and noticed this same young man standing the medical shop. He quickly grabbed the packed medicines and walked away. I was curious as to why this young man came again. I had a hunch that he might come again next day at the same time, so next day at 5 pm sharp I was at the Balcony waiting for him to come up to the medical shop. It was 5.10pm he appeared again and quickly walked back with the medicine packet in this hand.

I thought let me see if this action repeats next day. As usual I was at the balcony sharp at 5 pm and this man comes to the medical shop as expected and walks back with the medicine packet. At this point I was too curious to know what was happening. So next day I walked up to the medical shop at 5 pm and hanged around there, at 5.10pm sharp this young man comes , I could not control myself and stood very close to him to get a glimpse of what was in the note he presented, this young man turns his head and looks at me, but does not speak.

I could notice that the note was from the same doctor from whom I had presented the note for medicines for my uncle couple of days ago. I could also quickly read the name of drug, which I figured out was Lysergic acid diethylamide (LCD) later I found out is a party drug taken by many youngsters by using fake doctor note from same doctor which treated by uncle. This left me shocked and surprised.

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